Quality Policy

Quality is foundational to achieving our business objectives.  We are committed to satisfying applicable requirements and providing quality products to customers around the world by encouraging and expecting the creative involvement of every AiTer listening to our customers continuously improving and innovating our products, processes and services.

About our policies, AiT’s comprehensive semiconductor quality policies and procedures are designed to quickly address and resolve any quality-related issue that could arise, from new product qualifications and process change notices to timely resolution of customer issues and complaints. Routine customer quality data evaluations and quality improvement planning allows AiT to continuously evolve its processes, enabling AiT to provide the highest quality and reliability that is compliant with the latest quality industry standards and meets our customers’ needs.


Every organization in AiT works together to ensure quality and to deliver reliable products, and we are committed to continuously improving our products and process technologies toward that end.

To accurately assess the reliability of AiT’s products, we accelerated conditions during qualification testing. These test conditions are carefully chosen to accelerate the failure mechanisms that are expected to occur under normal use conditions.

Accelerated stress testing is used to provide estimates of component reliability performance under use conditions and to assist in identifying opportunities for improving the reliability performance of the component.